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I wrote it all
until I passed out

for recordings
of all is all that is an endless

for you don't want
to miss a moment

You don't want
to miss a day

For it all emerges
all we want to hear

out of what
has occurred
within a single day

Of what we make a point
of going to see

Because I got to say
you want to hear the words

I wrote it all
till I couldn't no more

For I had to pull
a certain non-stop

I had to make it
into something in mind

It was completely endless
till it became

All we did
and all we've seen

Turning into
little bits of things

You'll see it when
the time becomes right

When perfection
is apparent
and I'm satisfied

Its a never ending
sense of endless non-stop

Everything we
could think of

To put it so bluntly
in such a way

- Thanks for reading!
- Rosebud

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