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In another time

Will we last
in another time?

when all that lies before us
is waves
of uncertainty

Never wanting
to leave when its all
but passing temptation

All that passes
you by

To stay in one place
for all before you
is all you ever wanted

All that lies before you
is everything
you need

With not a single worry
well very little
you could say

will we last
in another time?

When it all just
leaves you

Tables turn
in your direction
to face in a shadowy form

Towering above
your head

But these cases
will lead you
to places you've never been

The current unknown
slightly, so vaguely
in some far off
distant place

The current unknown
walking slowly
in your direction
it makes you just so goddamn curious

You simply
must stop
and eventually
it will come

That you can guarantee
it may not even be the shadow
it seems.

One day we may one day
go there
find what we never knew

Till then look straight behind
for you must
look happily

Look what's coming
your way!

So excitement
will be right there
building up in ways
you never thought

Look the other way
and smile

Look what you will
see when its ready for you!

- Thanks for reading!

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