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a monolouge from Heather chronicles , a play in progress

It was one of those parties. You know one of those ones where you turn around and your scared to be a woman and terrified that something small might make you too exposed because the drinking is tones and there are at least a handful of guys n' girls on drugs or seeming like they are about to do somethin' like that. and you just know better 'cause if you get to be under the influence of somethin' like that that ya' know somethin' bad's going to happen and i don't even have to explain 'cause I just don't damn want to. And I think people know what I mean when I say stuff like that. I think that's what makes it the hardest to be a woman there cause of how terrifingly agressive and powerful everyone of them seems yet, for some reason no other girl seems to get that feelin', so they just let themselves drink n' smoke n' whatever else they can find all they want to and there's no way in hell I'm tryin' that. I brought my mama with me for I was just that scared, she's 89 or 95 or somethin' like that, I don't even count no more cause she is so old now and just keeps going an' she completly senile but I promise ya' if she sees one of those guys try anythin' or anyone else for that matter and she'll give them the scariest , mean, threatin' look that they'll never be back here no more! She good at that kinda stuff and I love mama for it and everythin' else even if she's so senile she forgets what she did 5 minutes ago. One guy even told me, I think it was my friend Greg, who came too: "your mama's there you smart". I think he jus' jealous, I still got one around, especiailly a mama as tough as mine. Ya' just gotta be careful, watch your back. Mamas are good for that too. I don't think it all that bad if ya' just a little smart 'bout it.

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