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This piece is a poem called "scatterbrain". It was written in a class where nothing was happening, very few people actually came, and there was a supply teacher and I guess because of the unusual circumstances and the state of mind I was hit with a wave of inspiration. Anyways, here it is a poem called scatterbrain that has had extensive editing so it is ready to see the light of day and is about the state of mind that fits the description of a scattered, wandering mind that the title suggest. Anyways, let's let the art speak for itself and enjoy.


Scattered direction
but not intentionally

Scattered to what but
a wandering mind

Nothing but what shall
certainly arise

in the right circumstance

Not frankly certain
of where you should be

Everywhere but
where it should be found

Everywhere but
where its meant to be

Looking for every possible loss
of distraction time

Coming out
of every single thing

A way to resist temptation, a way to avoid
allowing all that thought

Not today
for I simply cannot

Nothing apparent
but what shouldn't be

Nothing left
of what we're accustomed to and we never knew

Of lost concentration of being at peace
in worlds of known

We're just so submerged
in daily routine.

What you must know for sure
of this current state of mind

is that there's nothing left
but every scattered direction

Every scattered

Its now a bunch
of scattered thread of thought

Creating problems
for us

In infinite ways

- Thanks for reading!


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