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A simple bit of dialouge capturing the misunderstanding of everyday life

Hello,hello,hello! Here's a short dialogue piece based on a true story that the only way that seemed possible to best capture such a situation is to compose the piece like a life fragment in the form of dialogue in which the whole conversation is what the whole piece is centered around and is about. Life has many moments of misunderstanding, individual mistakes, and occasional awkwardness but hey were would we be without those types of borders along the way? Working around them is the only way we move on, progress, and find out things, anyways. This piece is all about a single moment of awkward misunderstanding and captures the beauty and revealed truth behind it. Enjoy!

Stranger: I just wanted to tell ya', ma'am that's a really cute bag...yeah....ya' know the elephants...on the bag are adorable.
Young Girl: Excuse me?
Stranger: I like your-
Young Girl: Yeah, I heard you the first time.
Stranger: So, you don't like your bag?
Young Girl: No...it's not that its just-
Stranger: Just what? What? I'm just saying what's true, that's a really nice bag.
Young Girl: Oh...okay....I...I....
Young Girl: I merely glared at him and walked away, a little unsure if he was on drugs, flirting, or just a really nice guy. How else was I supposed to even react? It's not everyday that compliments just get shot out nowhere in the middle of the city....not in my case at least cause I'm just one of those simple, quiet, everyday people not one of "those girls" you see walking in heels and tight clothing acting like they in the middle of a runway in Paris or Milan, or one of those places, or simply aspiring to picture themselves as one of those very blond girls (and I mean blond as in personality not literally blond) you see on reality shows on MTV and all those types of places. I'm not saying I like those kind of people, no in fact I'm quite the opposite but I am just stating a fact, they are the ones who get that level of treatment in this downtown area . I'm just not used to that level of attention, maybe a little unsure of how to react, I could be wrong he could of been just a really nice guy.

- I hope you enjoyed that brief dialogue piece and thanks for reading!

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