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Two poems and a brief introduction to the exciting thing that is this writing space

Hello readers to be and welcome to my writing space/ writing blog, otherwise known as R.M.R's writing space! Let me begin by introducing this site as a whole. This will preview a daily posting of one to two of my works for the sake of giving this writing a permanent venue and for all interested readers giving them something new to read. Let me know what you think and thanks for reading my work and also make sure you just enjoy every last word and every last moment of the pieces, like all writing is meant to be enjoyed and appreciated by those who respect it and the writer who puts love, passion, time, effort, and appreciation into the work that has occurred as a result of all this. Anyways I could do many welcomes and many long rants about writing and art for ages and ages but here is the first piece, for I thought it would be appropriate to begin with poetry (for some reason) .Why not just let the art speak for itself?

perfectionist with a parking ticket

Perfectionist with a parking ticket
on a mid day afternoon

Suddenly the car that would of
Shook him with the


Is not a car but
a problem case

That's three imperfections
in a single day

A tree has fallen
and a dented end

Now dominates
the area around

of his long prized car
and now that car

that has never got
him in trouble in his entire life
is not a cause of perfection

that he can control
but another annoyance

another dent
the branches have broken

and the street is a mess
I think he's going to complain

that funny little old man with the perfection love
has lost his perfection

he tries
so hard to uphold

I think he's got
to try again

The whole world can't be the cause of his received pride
from the garden he grows

Off to home
stumbling along

into the realization
That the perfection is gone

-Hope you liked and enjoyed the poem and once again thanks for reading!
- Rosebud
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