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Untitled poem, talking and listening

Hi! there's not much I can at the moment say about this one but it has been a while since I've gone back to this one and I can remember its moment of inspiration well. Its that feeling of talking yet what it is and the relevance of understanding seems irrelevant but connection is still made regardless of the circumstance. It's something like that....but anyways here's the poem that is yet to get a title and does'nt seem like its going to get one anyway. I rarely come up with titles right away though, as long as the piece is there to the writer's liking. Enjoy!


Your words
are not known of comprehension
no clue what you even said

No clue of your meaning
all I know
is that we're going to be friends

I don't know who you are
but you want to talk
nothing but sounded gibberish

Too much else before me
all that outside influence

What seems like logic
has lost all meaning
for now

Keep on talking
I know that occurrences of everyday
are trying to stop all this positive talk

But is said
distraction preventing all proper speech
from view?

Your words
never even made
any sense

Your words
are spoken
for you alone

and in the listening department
I do a good job

Even when as in this exact case
it is but a story and a game

But is said distraction
the cause
we've been looking for?

Or is it but the reality behind
your every word.

Maybe it's an unconscious
choice of my own
in which I never even knew.

At least its the conversation
of destined friends

Entire understanding
and the topic we got
becomes but
an irrelevant fact

- Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the poem!

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