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Waiting and cowboy hats: the way the two can connect

Hey! If there's one thing this poem does best is the teaching of the simplicity of two people coincidentally both in something as simple and everyday as cowboy hats sitting on a bench can connect to the familiar feeling of waiting. There was immediate connection between those two things. This poem is very much along the lines of the theme of waiting. As I always say let the art speak for itself and enjoy!

Waiting/ what is left

In cowboy hats
we wait on the bench

Just waiting
for the time
to go

Its just you and me
in cowboy hats
waiting for the time to go

No time seems
to pass
but evidently so,so

They start to wonder
where we went
what caused us

To stay away
for the rest of the day
but in our minds

It has never
passed at all
not a single second lost
for as long as we remain in this place

We wait for what
but a mystery knowing
it will certainly end

That's for sure
but I don't want
this moment to even come to a halt

Every sitting
every last passing thought

With nothing
nothing at all
not a thing

but company
of two
no more, no less

The company
were time never passed
except in the minds

of the world
but we know

they got better things
to do
things to compromise

to re-explore

I hate to tell you so
but its almost time to go

Stand in a line
say our goodbyes

Till tomorrow
or who knows
for its a complete mystery

till the very next

I'll walk you
to the next station

Till who knows when
here's what I got to say

I hate to tell you so
but there's only one thing left

But that single
difficult word

- I hope you enjoyed the poem and thanks for reading!


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