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Distant dream

Often we refer to it
in a distant dream

What was never
even seen

After a while
my mind, another place

After we refer
to slight vague apparition

Of no single reality
then we wake up

Find another place
to go

But I don't get it
why'd it seem so real?

We woke up
so unbelievable

It's all thought up
that story of a time

So much
to think about

And it all keeps
going ahead

I never would of
thought this up myself

But now
I did

I'm going somewhere

Could never be

And all
just keeps happening

I can control it

Then I think it

And I don't
want it to end

Then it
just keeps happening

could even go wrong.

Even though there's
no consequence

I just wannna
keep remaining

Sit back
for the ride

Find out
what happens next

I wanna keep remaining
in this dream of fun and thrill.

Eventually I'll
wake up

Till then I'll have
some fun

Find out
what else could occur

In something
so god damn ridiculous

What else
I got within my mind?

What other crazy things
could happen?

I surprise
even myself

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