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Frowning Mona Lisa


I enter the museum
of natural history

On a dark, dark

for a visit
like any other

I pay the fine
and go right in.

Everything seems so
out of place

Not only is everything
way out of place

but I see a sight I cannot

I look on the wall
and what do I see?

But Mona Lisa
with a frown on her face

why aren't you smiling
Mona Lisa?
why is there
a frown on your face

are you upside down
Mona Lisa

or did someone re-paint you
to seem that way

It could be an artistic symbol
I cannot understand

why you cease
to smile today

I bet your a symbol for something
in life

why are you here
in a natural history museum

you don't show history
why are you here

between the dinos
and the evolution of man

I want my money back
this is not what I came for

I was here to learn a bit
of natural history

Because I'm just your average North American
tourist you see

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