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The Heather Chronicles :Segment

Scene 1- The Party
Scattered groups of people are socializing, drinking and smoking together as loud music plays in the background and many conversations are occurring. The noise calms down and stops at important moments. Heather and her mother remain in the corner bored, ignored, and quite out of place. Her mother is not aware of anything because she is senile.
Heather (to audience and everyone but Heather and mama freezes, lights dim slightly): It was one of those parties. You know one of those ones where you turn around and your scared to be a woman and terrified that somethin’ ‘bout ‘ya might make you too exposed because the drinking is tones and there are at least a handful of guys n’ girls on drugs (walks over to a small group of people who are either on drugs or smoking and points in their direction acknowledging their presence, bringing them unfrozen and alive. Most of them are high. Heather and that group both wave at each other a dreamy hello) or seeming like they are about to do somethin’ like that and you just know better cause if you get to be under the influence of somethin’ like that ya’ know somethin’ bad is goin’ to happen and I don’t even have to explain ‘cause I just don’t damn want to and I think people know what I mean when I say stuff like that. (moves closer to a group of drinking guys and girls being flirtatious with each other that also unfreeze when Heather moves closer to them and tries to wave but is ignored by them) I think that’s what makes it the hardest to be a woman there cause of how terrifyingly aggressive and powerful every one of them seems (pauses briefly and paces a bit, seeming like these words are shack her) I don’t know why no other girl seems to get that feelin’ so... they just let themselves drink n’ smoke n’ whatever else they can find all they wannna (glances briefly at drinking, flirtatious group while saying these words) and there’s no way in hell I’m tryin’ that. (Slowly moves closer to mom as she continues speaking) I brought my mamma with me for I was just that scared. She’s 89 or 95 or somethin’ like that, I don’t even count no more cause she is so old now, and she’s kinda senile but I promise ya’ if she sees one of those guys try anythin’ or anyone else for that matter she’ll give them the scariest meanest, threatin’ look that so scary they’ll never be back here no more! She good at that kinda stuff and I love momma for it and everythin’ else even if she so senile she forgets what she did 5 minutes ago. One guy even told me earlier, I think it was my friend Greg, who came too. His only words: (imitates this Greg in a put on slightly lower, stereotypical surfer voice) “your mamma’s there you smart”. (Goes right back to normal voice, after finding this quite hilarious) I think he jus’ jealous, I still got someone around, especially a mamma, as tough as mine... or jus’ someone ‘round at all. Ya’ just gotta be careful, watch your back. Mammas are good for that too. I don’t think it that bad if ya jus’ a little smart ‘bout it.
Everyone unfreezes and start socializing in the background in specific groups. The music comes back on, but this time the music is a little bit quieter, softer, and slower. The same group drinking look in Heather’s direction laughing and quite intoxicated. Mandy, the ring leader of the group, the most flirtatious, and the Barbie doll like one in painfully tight clothing walks to Heather filled with attitude and intoxication while slurring her words.
Mandy (really drunk ): I got...I’ve a...got somethin’ to say to...you...you that girl... that a...girl...who uh... always bring mommy...I see her a...now...what the fuck, what the fuck you...doin’ girl, you know... at these... parties, you know what goin’ on...no moms round here...mom would kill me for all this uh...shit...that right she-
Heather (quite offended interrupting Mandy): Don’t go swearing front of my mamma, I know she senile as hell but I don’t think you have a right to use any of that potty mouth round mamma, not here, not anywhere! I can bring mamma anytime I wanna!
Mandy (to mamma): Well...lady...pardon my... (pause briefly almost struggling with what to say, turning her attention slowly back to Heather) shit, what uh...was this expression, someone...some...one was tellin’ me this one...sh...it was...yeah...right...pardon...my...Fren-ch. (Intoxicated laughter finding this hilarious) I still don’ get what these French gotta do with it.
Mamma: French, my husband battled in the war with the French, yep. He lucky to fight with such a good group of people and he one lucky man he lost them but he knew enough French so he fought with the French one but two country medals. (To Heather) Heather, sweetie who this nice young lady, you know her from school?
Heather (almost surprised to mama): Mamma I stop school in high school and that long time ago. You know that.
Mamma (with a big smile on her face, not really seeming certain of things): That’s nice dear. (to Mandy getting an old candy from her purse and trying to pass it to her, but can’t get their quick enough on her cane) Have a candy! (to Heather) Sweet em’ won’t you kindly help me get the candy to your nice little friend?
Heather(walking in front of mamma, caringly and not aggressively getting the candy and putting it back in mamma’s purse): Mamma, no. She no friend, and ya’ don’ give candy to strangers like that, ya’ know.
Mamma (to Heather): That no way to treat your friend, Heather, sweet em’.
Heather (annoyed but lovingly at the same time) Mamma!
Mandy (slurred): That...not uh...right...mamma...wanna...give candy...to nice...friend...me...well...I... I....love...you...what I sayin’, I don’t talk to ya’, you talk to ya’ mom at...party only... almost always.... these days.
Heather: Ya’ drunk as hell, you don’t know what ya’ sayin’.
Mandy (slurred): Who...inviting...ya...yo...u?
Heather: What?
Mandy: I sayin’...who invite ya’?
Heather: Greg.
Mandy: Greg?
Heather: Greg, ya’ know (points to guy who looks like he is dressed to go surfing with a group of others who are high looking like he is and she briefly nods a hello and he does the same and starts to get a big smirk on her face) that guy in corner, I sure ya’ met him. He good friend of mine.
Mandy (puzzled looking at him) Him...he seems....familiar...I-
Heather (interrupts finding something funny): I know where you met him, he friend of mine, I saw it all. ‘Member some guy like that flirtin’ with ya’, calling ya’ Barbie girl, and... all... that kinda ...stuff.
Mandy: A flirtin’ all I can...but I can’t member’.... anything.
Heather (finding this hilarious) ya sure, Barbie girl?
Mandy doesn’t answer but changes the subject.
Mandy: Why...you no high like the rest of your friends!
Heather (seeming proud and calm about this reality): That right.
Mandy and the rest of her friends continue laughing at Heather in the nearby area while Mandy goes back to give a high five. That group continues their alcohol and flirtation.
Greg (yelling to Heather, high): Yo, Heather...Heather! You just gotta...you gotta try some of this shit!
Heather ( sincerely): Oh come on, no. I never gonna, it not right.
Eddy (suddenly seeing Heather and walking over to her from nearby): Heather, ah if it isn’t Heather and her mommy, the two people that never give in.
Heather (mockingly towards Eddy) :Oh, Eddy the one hostin’ em parties filled with all these bull, Greg always gets me in but you jus’ can’t stand someone who refuses all this. Can ya?
Eddy: Well we’ll see won’t we? This time this is just ridiculous. I hate to tell you but you’re all wrong, I can’t stand this bull at my party, thank you very much.
Heather (sarcastically): Well good for you.
Eddy (laughs): Well I’ll be damned, Heather knows sarcasm! Where did you learn it... on TV?
Heather: I wish Mamma no have to hear this but ya need to hear this.... FUCK OFF!!
Eddy: And she knows swearing too (laughs again)
Heather: I'm sorry but I jus' can’t stand much more of the Eddy bull. (Takes mamma gently by the arm) come on mamma. That’s it we’re out of here, bye, bye!
Mamma and Heather start to slowly leave, arm and arm.
Mamma ( softly to Heather): Sweet em’?
Heather: Yeah, mamma?
Mamma: It’s over?
Heather (half lying, almost genuine): Oh, uh...no just had to get away, get out early.
Mamma: But why sweet em’? They were just such nice people.
Heather (sarcastically): Yeah mamma, yeah mamma. Very nice. We just gotta go, that all.
End of Scene 1. They leave the party.
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