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Sudden Spin

In a flash of light
Endless spin
Motion attempting

Within a regulating thought
Of horizontal time
Of refusing to change

Then in an opposite direction
And then to a temporary stop
Comes the

Spin of the fan
Of the regularity moving
Directly above my head

The attention
For nothing else dares to move

Nothing really evolving
Never longing
For movement of sorts

All but this mechanical electronic thing
Moving the way it must remain
To no surprise

A form of attention
As a result of nothing
At all

And thank you, oh loyal animal friends
But you don’t cut it for me
For they want no more of that attention I ask for

And no to windows
For they’ll see
Me there

Spotting me is not
The nightmare
It’s the thought of

Or so I believe
The consequence of passive observation
Of those outside the doors

Of the watching
Of every single move

So glued to
Current fascination
Of someone, anyone

Especially the strangers
For the root of the word
Makes them such a thing

For everything
The current thoughts

Belonging to
Them alone

They’ll never know
Such a

Mysteries of the stranger’s everything
Within such
Foreign ground

And in waiting
Yet I know for sure
I’ll leave one time soon

For really
I wonder:
Can time not be met?

Till then there’s not
A thing
To do

But sit within reach
This certain comfort

This certain comfort
Of the big comfy couch

A time to do nothing
But sit and stare
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