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misunderstood words

I never thought of speaking
not a single word

When all that was left
for speaking

was an awkward pause
of the person in front

for now you know
for certain

that words of sorts
were said

I never thought of

Our every
spoken word

as but truthfully
soft spoken

for no knowledge
of having to say

truthfully do you wonder
does it take a moment to realize

don't shy away
from speaking

when no words
are responses from yours

don't shy away
from speaking

don't really mind
a few hellos

and jokes in the middle
of the day

realize the mind
sometimes steps away

we'll never know for sure

no intention
of making

a fool of myself
in any way

although look
what happened just now

I guess to me
it was foolery

happening in a matter
of today

no clue if in your mind
its such a thing

oh well
I'll try again some time
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