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morning walk

In a morning before
the wake of day

not a noise was heard
beyond the places

the memory remains
as not yet fully

In a morning in which
we fully understood

lost about
and walk around

In a morning
of silence

before a day
of many things

our memory remains
as wanting to question

and such words come
not fully

due to the morning
certain ways

all are circles of waiting
for it to begin

moving to come
to a form of day

now your here
and back again

when days before were just hours
far between

now that new time is here
and back again

and I begin to wonder
what difference

could every movement
possibly create

these hours move slowly
before the day begins

moving to
another place

far from knowing
of that step before that big move

far from knowing
of every circumstance that creates

coming to something
then waiting

and you know what's so
in such a place

after a while
you know it all

when the day
begins to form
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