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a predictable journey

As we travel
down the road

do we come
to a sudden stop?

The journey is
only part way over

I await it
and think

of what
I'm expecting

of where
it will stop

a predictable journey
but no certainty at all

no certainty at all
of its exact outcome

watching the country side
as we move along

the birds, animals
and trees

moving slowly
and we're not stopping yet

moving ever so slowly
seeing all the places

of the people I may never know
there may even be people

I'll meet one
unexpected day

a predictable journey
and the rain comes right on down.

All so slowly
ever so dreary

and such a long
period of time

till we get there
the car won't even come to its longer stop

and no there is no hurry
no sense of urgency

so slow
ever so dreary

and I feel the need to sleep
coming my way

knowing for certain
when I wake up

we'll be exactly
were we need to be

now, ever so slowly
drifting off... I'm off to sleep
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