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Cafeteria Monolouge

To me it was too much, it was one of those weeks where things get tough and nothing goes right it got just so...so busy and the hours so long. Every moment felt like it lasted forever, and I rarely even got to even sit down. All my friends tell me I should quit but truthfully I can’t ‘cause then I would be supporting nobody. Working in this cafeteria it hard work you know, really hard work and sometimes it just too much...for anybody and that what our boss don’t realize ‘cause he doesn’t even listen to nobody...not even the students that complain. He gives them that cold “I just don’t care look” and then leaves them with false or unhelpful promises that don’t help anybody. We don’t complain either because we know he will simply treat us the same. I think the one thing that keeps me going here is the customers....the nice ones I mean. The customers come or we see them walking just outside the cafeteria and we see them for that one moment as they live their lives...and it’s as if things halt for that one moment. We watch them living and just being plain people and with the different things we witness there and how kind they are to us we don’t need company...and we don’t need no TV.
One day I’ll stop working here and do something great with my life...maybe go back to school and I’ll no longer have to deal with him anymore. Till then its cooking and cleaning in a kitchen something I’m good at but some days can’t even stand cause the hours are so long and just so overwhelmingly....warm...warmer then I wanna deal with for a long period of time without sitting down.
The students stop by on occasion and me and my co-workers we joke about this and that and I at least glad I got nice people to talk to and a pay check of sorts to bring home that will bring steady bits of money into my family home...cause that what more important no matter what that what it will be till the day I get myself something better, something I enjoy and were things not so god damn unfair. Don’t get me a wrong I’m a fortunate person...just not fortunate in the way people think fortunate is. I sing every morning perhaps more cheery then most of the students in the morning hour and I met so many wonderful people. I got money coming in and a happy life surrounded by good people...it just sometimes people are unfair and there are ways that this can all get better.
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