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Lost and Confused: a play I wrote in the 24 hour playwriting contest: Scene one: please excuse the shitty formatting I cannot fix it

Scene 1
Melanie is rushing to catch a train. As she runs to try and find the right train she keeps looking at her watch and looking around and eventually settles on the first place she can find. Because she is panicked and in a hurry to find the train on time her ticket and her wallet accidentally slip out of her pocket as she is attempting to get something out of it. Mr. Nice Guy notices Melanie’s stuff fall to the ground and picks it up but she is running too fast for him, won’t stop, and seems too anxious to get there on time to notice that Mr. Nice Guy is there.
Female voice over (over P.A system): Attention ladies and gentlemen, madames et monsieurs, this is a message for all passengers for train A51, all passengers boarding train A51 please make your way to platform three for boarding we will be leaving in a few brief moments. Please make your way to platform three for boarding and have your tickets ready. Thank you, merci beaucoup!
Melanie (worried and getting a little out of breath checking all her pockets): Shit, oh no! Where could it be?
Mr. Nice Guy (yelling out to Melanie, far in the distance): Miss! Hello? Miss! I have everything...right here...every last thing you forgot...oh come on miss, can’t you hear me?
Melanie doesn’t respond but keeps rushing around looking for platform 3 and keeps checking all the possible places at the same time.
Female voice over: Last call for all passengers boarding train A51, I repeat all passengers boarding train A51 this is your last call. Please make your way to platform 3 as soon as possible as we will be leaving soon.
Melanie (muttering out loud to herself, extremely panicky): It’s probably around here somewhere, if I plan to board this train I have to get a move on anyways... (Glances momentarily at watch realizing the time) Oh shit!
Mr. Nice Guy (still in the distance yelling out): Miss? Miss! Come on listen to me! (Loudly muttering to himself) Maybe....there’s a name around here somewhere... (Digging through her wallet that he has found and then finds a form of I.D) Melanie...Her name is Melanie here we go! (Starts yelling out to her again) Melanie! Melanie? Miss Melanie! Come on can’t you hear me?
Female voice over: Very, very last chance for boarding for train A51; I repeat very last chance for boarding.
Melanie: Oh no! It’s gotta be around here somewhere...platform 3, I mean.
Melanie spots nearby place with a visible conductor, who is the same person as the female voice over.
Conductor: Miss? Are you looking for train A51?
Melanie: Yes...in fact I am, thank you.
Conductor: It’s almost time to leave. Come on!
Melanie: Thank you...
Conductor: Well are you coming or not? If you are don’t just stand there, make your way on!
Melanie obeys and comes on board
Conductor: We will be checking your tickets once we leave...till then please take a seat.
Melanie obeys and takes a nearby seat. Mr. Nice Guy walks directly in front of Melanie’s seat and looks in at her trying to get her attention but fails because she is unable to hear him from where she is.

Melanie (looking out at Mr. Nice Guy, who is still motioning at her, a little scared by him): What the-? What is he doing?
Mr. Nice Guy (still yelling out to Melanie): Miss! Miss! Oh God! Please tell me you can hear me!
Mr. Nice Guy steps further back now illuminated by nothing but a spotlight. He freezes and holds out Melanie’s wallet. Because it is such a vibrant colour she instantly is shocked because she recognizes it and gets the attention of the conductor.
Melanie (pointing out at the nice man, a little horrified): Conductor! Conductor! That man....he....he has my wallet....he stole my wallet....look....can’t you do something?
Conductor (who is on the train, looks out at Mr. Nice Guy, who is still holding up her wallet): Are you sure that’s your wallet, ma’am, are you absolutely sure?
Melanie (offended and still quite horrified) Of course I’m sure! I think I know what my own wallet looks like thank you very much! It’s exactly the same as the one I’ve got...and not like any other one because it’s handmade, very pink and I can see the shining of the little flowers on it from here. Of course that’s my wallet, what the hell are you implying?
Conductor: In that case, ma’am, there’s not much I can do but suggest you contact the police. (As the conductor continues to speak there is the sound of the train leaving. The spotlight remains on Mr. Nice Guy momentarily as he stands there a little shocked, holding the wallet as the train starts to leave. The spotlight comes off and Mr. Nice Guy gives up and leaves). We would stop the train and allow further action to be taken but we’re running late as it is. There was a border dispute on this route you see so we’ve been quite delayed as it is. We haven’t had one for years and because of the protests that resulted from it there was serious delay.
Melanie (surprised): A border dispute? How come I haven’t heard about it?
Conductor: Because the dispute only happened this morning. You can contact the police and give his description so just relax and we’ll be on our way.
Melanie (panicking): How can I relax? How the hell do you expect me to relax! I have an urgent interview and I can’t be late. I can’t just not show or this will be a big problem! Nope... no interview for me if I don’t stay on this train. I’ll deal with this later. Is this train going to leave soon because I’ve got places to be, people to see!
Conductor: Same with everyone else! Ma’am it’s either stay on the train or go sort this out right now. This train is running off schedule as it is.... (Realizing that she has no other choice Melanie sits down and remains seated) So, it looks like your decision is made. If it makes you feel better you can use the train phone. I’ll show you where it is soon. The conductor leaves to collect tickets and the train starts. Because Melanie has at least done something to help with this problem she sits down, but unable to relax, but after a while she finds herself getting tired and dozes off. She is woken up by the conductor.
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