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Lost and Confused: Scene 2: once again please excuse the shitty formatting

Scene 2
It is now time for ticket check. The conductor is now carrying a box to take ticket tabs and approaches Melanie. Melanie has dozed off and the conductor has to wake her up to get her ticket. The conductor clears her throat loudly. There is no response so she politely nudges Melanie.
Conductor (politely, gently, and clearing the throat again): Ma’am, Your ticket please? I need to see your ticket.
Melanie doesn’t respond.
Conductor (louder):Ma’am, your ticket please. I need to see your ticket, ma’am.
Melanie still doesn’t respond
Conductor (now getting annoyed tries tapping Melanie on the shoulder): Ma’am, come on! Did you even hear what I just said!
Melanie (half asleep): What? Sorry did you...just say something...was there something you needed?
Conductor: Your ticket....please ma’am. I need to see your ticket now.
Melanie: Oh...um....right....hold on.
Conductor: Well? The ticket....may I see it....now rather than later?
Melanie digs through her pockets.
Melanie (panicked and fully awake again): Oh...shit!
Conductor: I take it that you don’t have a ticket.
Melanie (embarrassed): Well there was a ticket but-
Conductor: You lost it along with that wallet of yours. (Melanie nods) I don’t care if it was stolen like your wallet, no ticket, no trip. I’m sorry, but if you don’t have a ticket you can’t ride the train, that’s the rule, just doing my job. We could have done something, but you were so insistent because of that interview of yours and being on time. It was your decision not mine.
Melanie (shocked): What? But....I thought you were on my side, I thought you were going to help me!
Conductor: Ma’am, since you can’t look after your belongings, and come on board without a ticket, you will not be permitted on board. There’s no sides, kiddo, welcome to life. I was just trying to do my job...you know....assisting you....as one of my passengers. The next stop is in Third Base City, we’ll let you off there.
Melanie (sarcastically) well... that’s just real nice....and helpful too. Yeah really great! (Getting worried again) What about my interview?
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