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Lost and Confused: scene 3: once again please excuse the formatting problems I can't do anything about it

Scene 3
Melanie is now in Third Base City. For a moment she walks around, with no money, no I.D, no ticket to get her back on the train, and completely unsure of how to solve this problem. After a moment Girl, a young woman with a high pitched, innocent voice enters and notices Melanie is lost.
Girl (to Melanie with extreme kindness): Excuse me? Are you lost?
Melanie (a little cranky, snapping at Girl): Well yes! Don’t I look lost to you?
Girl (throwing a temper tantrum): Come on! You didn’t have to be so mean about it! If you’re going to be like that then I can just leave! You’re so mean!
Melanie: Look, I’m sorry, okay.
Girl: Sometimes....you know sometimes sorry isn’t good enough, like now.
Melanie: Oh come on! How old are you?
Girl: I’m not telling just cause...just cause you’re such a meaney! And also you shouldn’t talk to strangers.
Melanie: Says who your mommy?
Girl: No, not my mommy.
Melanie: Then who?
Girl: I forgot, okay!
Melanie: Fine. Can you at least tell me where I am and maybe a place where I can find a phone or the nearest police station? My phone isn’t working.
Girl: Oh....right.....sorry. Uh.....this is Third Base City; where everyone goes third base with their lives, meaning they do really well so everyone is always so busy. Life is at third base in a place like this.
Melanie: Oh....okay. And where can I find a phone?
Girl: There’s a guy that’s good at this stuff. He helps with all the police stuff too. I talk to him sometimes he’s a really nice guy too and he’s a policeman too.
Melanie: Okay.
Girl: There, I told you even though you’re still a meaney!
Melanie: If I’m such a meaney why did you help me then?
Girl: Because I’m not a meaney, and it’s just too sad when people are lost.
Melanie: I’m not a meaney. And thank you....I guess.
Girl: You are a meaney but I can’t argue it anymore....I have to go.
Melanie: But....where are you going?
Girl: I have to get to dinner.
Melanie: Fine...leave me alone...all alone to wander around lost.... sort of....at least I know where I am now.....well.... sort of....
Girl exits, hurrying off but humming a tune.
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