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Lost and Confused scene 4

Scene 4
Melanie continues to walk around lost and wanders around, now looking for this guy that should be able to help her find her way back. Man enters. He is extremely outgoing.
Man: To me, you look a little bit...lost.
Melanie (Sarcastically): No, Really?
Man: Wow sarcasm! I never seen a lady used it so effectively around here!
Melanie (surprised): Seriously?
Man: Seriously. For your impressive sarcasm what can I do for you?
Melanie: You think my sarcasm is impressive? I’m looking for....well I just thought you could be....this guy that I was told could help me find a phone that works so I can find what I’m looking for.
Man: Well I am a guy....always trying to help.... (Puts his arm around Melanie. Melanie takes his arm off her disgusted by this) the cause, you know. (Tries again to put his arm around Melanie and once again she struggles away) Baby, I’ll be whatever you want me to be!
Melanie: What? I.... uh....that’s not....what I mean! Can you just answer my question?
Man: I bet you’re a good dancer. You seem like the kind who would be a good dancer...because you make me just walk on air.
Melanie: What? Good dancer? What does that have to do with anything? Can you just answer my question!
Man: There’s a step I know....called pas de deux...I bet you would be fine at it, I learned it in ballet class.
Melanie (Finding this hilarious): You do ballet?
Man grabs Melanie by the arm and starts swaying back and forth and moving his feet back and forth. He tries to dance like this but fails because he can’t get Melanie to dance with him and is doing a horrible job.
Melanie: Can you stop this? I don’t want to dance. And you’re a horrible dancer!
Man stops, shocked.
Man: Well...I’m....sorry.
Melanie: Just answer my question and stop distracting me. Are you the man who is supposed to help me find my way?
Man (tries to put his arm around Melanie and she once again struggles away): Huh?
Melanie: See what I mean.
Man: Sorry.
Melanie: Well are you the one who is supposed to help me?
Man: No....and trust me I do know who you mean. He comes here around this time of day. Trust me you’re just in time.
Melanie: Oh, okay.
Man: Look miss, uh...what was your name again?
Melanie: Melanie....the names Melanie.
Man: Melanie....I gotta get going, okay...I got....somewhere to be.
Man rushes off. Melanie waits around and after a few brief moments Wise Guy, the same actor as Man but with glasses, immediately senses that Melanie needs help and approaches her.
Wise Guy: Hello missy! You look like you could use some help.
Melanie: Yes, in fact. Then I’m guessing that you’re the one that I was told could help. (Wise Guy nods) Good, good.
Wise Guy: Well, well, well how can I help you?
Melanie: Has a guy who stole a vibrant pink wallet with sparkly flowers and the name Melanie on the I.D been reported to you or anyone else in your area?
Wise Guy: No, and I guess you’re asking the right person, I do work for the police. If I knew I’d tell you so. I do get those kinds of reports though...and I didn’t hear anything about that case. Sorry. Was it in this area? (Melanie shakes her head) In that case it would be a little bit more difficult.
Melanie: Well, if you can’t help me find my wallet....can you tell me where I can find a phone so I can call to cancel my credit cards and stuff?
Wise Guy: Well the problem with this town is the public phones don’t work very well. If I were you I would just go somewhere else or get home. But I do realize you don’t have your wallet. I don’t really know, it beats me, sorry. Good luck by the way I’m truly sorry I couldn’t help!
Wise Guy leaves after shaking Melanie’s hand.
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