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Lost and Confused: scene 5

Scene 5
Almost giving up on finding her way back or finding Mr. Nice Guy, Melanie sits down on a nearby bench, watching the world go by. At the sound of a train she jumps up, wide awake. Without Melanie noticing because he is disguised as a hobo, Bob (Mr. Nice Guy) walks right by her. Now he tries to get Melanie’s attention.
Bob: hop on, just get on the train, damn it!
Melanie: What? Why?
Bob: Just get on the god damn train! You just gotta trust me! I can help you, okay! If you’re going somewhere this is a fun, free way to go.
Melanie (sighs and obeys because she is a little desperate and broke): Fine.
Melanie gets on and goes beside Bob.
Bob: Thank you. Now you just gotta trust me.
Melanie: What else can I do but trust you? I’m broke, I lost my wallet, and I was stuck in a place where the phones don’t work. It was either I trusted you or I slept on a bench tonight. Believe me; I don’t even know what else to do at this point.
Bob: Just don’t worry about money.
Melanie: Oh? And this is coming from someone like you?
Bob: Yes, actually ever since I was penniless and travelled around I’ve been free. You know what I realize? The economy is the secret police of your desires, allowing yourself to be part of it basically limits what you can do.
Melanie: Wow...for someone like yourself you’re actually really smart! That’s an interesting way of looking at it. The economy... is... the....Wait a minute...You’re so familiar! Do I know you from somewhere?
Bob: Um...I get that a lot....I’m actually named Bob.
Melanie (suspicious): Wait a minute...you are lying....you just lied to me....who are you really? And what the hell do you want from me? (Melanie accidentally brushes the contents of his pocket, and sees her ticket and the wallet.)
Bob (holding up Melanie’s ticket and wallet): Look I can explain....
Melanie (horrified) what, that you stole my wallet? What were you going to do? Give me back my wallet!
Bob: Just listen to me, and then you’ll get your wallet back.
Melanie: Just give me my wallet!
Bob: Just listen to me....please. I’m not who you think I am.
Melanie: Oh really? And you stole my wallet aren’t I right?
Bob (takes off the most obvious parts of his disguise revealing that he is Mr. Nice Guy): Nope, you’re wrong.
Mr. Nice Guy: Wrong. It was me all along; I was pretending to be Bob to run away from the law.
Melanie: Because you stole my wallet!
Mr. Nice Guy: That’s where you’re wrong. I was trying to help you. You dropped your wallet, and you didn’t seem to be able to hear me, because you seemed to be in such a wild rush and all and I tried to tell you but everyone thought I was just doing a bad job at stealing that wallet of yours and I was only trying to get it back to you.
Melanie: So you were trying to help me?
Mr. Nice Guy: Yep, just trying to help.
Melanie: Can I have my wallet back?
Mr. Nice Guy (laughing out of embarrassment): Yes of course!
Mr. Nice Guy hands her wallet and ticket back to her.
Melanie: Thank you...and I don’t even know how I can even begin to repay you...for such kindness even after you’ve been through so much.
Mr. Nice Guy: There’s no need, really. Come on, we’ll both go somewhere I guess...but you don’t have to stay with me....after all this I mean.
Melanie: I think I will.
Mr. Nice Guy: Okay then, till we get there.
Melanie: Yep, till we get there.
They both go quiet and smile at each other momentarily. There is now a sense of trust between them. Everything goes quiet and they both freeze, smiling at each other. End
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