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A day at the beach

And the crowds gather in circles, a world of noise and I just want to watch the world go by. It is a sunny afternoon and it’s hard to believe that only a good hour or so ago I was so close by home. This was one of those times when, as I kept walking farther and farther away I found myself wanting to go a bit farther away (at least for a little while). This was one of those times after so much excitement and change that is well deserved: to sit on the rocks and watch the lovely view of the beach with not a single worry and not a single care with no site in view but the site of the world passing by. My peace and quiet is a necessary thing but I find, as I take out that book and a pair of shades from that purse, the purse that I have practically forgotten about due to its consistent presence by my side I realize that these strangers have other plans.
They come with their music and celebrations of things I know absolutely nothing about and at times it would be a lovely thing to be a part of but, in reality on a day like today this is my time to sit, in peace and quiet and do nothing at all. We need a compromise, of some sorts even if we don’t both win. It’s an impossibility to relax in this sort of atmosphere. I realize the only way it can be a truthful compromise for this party of strangers is if I leave, disappear and find another place to sit and let the celebrations not yet come to a standstill. So I start heading in a different direction allowing them to remain in this beachside rocky place in their party mode.
I’m not one to stop a party and never will and maybe, just maybe I will come back here one day with my friends. Till then time for peace, quiet, and sunshine and a good book to read knowing for certain that I will remain undisturbed in a place unlike the one where I was before.
Some music to drown out everything and a walk to a place a bit more out of sight seems like a good idea. Then I find it: that new, quiet place. This is nice, I’ll stay here, and it’s not too isolated and not too many people around making noise: perfect! I can even get just enough sunshine without a single burn. That song comes on: I love that song and this nearby bench couldn’t be a more perfect place: peace and quiet yet so far away (but not too far).
This is the life and somehow, such necessity, I need this. Tomorrow is another day and no longer....will I.....even try to get away. I need to go back to everyone eventually. Till then I’ll sit and watch the world go by.
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