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The day the city went mad

In a power house city
Doing just fine

Hosting something of political world importance
And the tensions rise

Bring in the police
With riot gear

Bring in the radicals and we'll watch the city
As the city goes mad

Blown out of proportions
As the tensions rise

Creating violence and action
In a form of protest with intentions of peace

Wanting nothing
But to better the world

But is that going anywhere
As police are worked up over radical protest

Drawing attention
To those who want to start a fight

Mixing up the difference
Between those with intentions of peace

And the ones who want to cause all the trouble
And start a fight

Stirring up fear
And anger in the streets

After city smashed windows
And exploding police cars

When things get ugly
And damage is made

The world is watching
As the city shows signs of chaos and temporary change

And the rest of the world is thinking:
Have we got ourselves under control?

Who would stir up trouble
On such a rainy day?

Watching this crucial moment
As the city goes mad

This is not the city I am used to!
It started as free expression

And ended in violence
When there are more important things to emphasize

These questions come across
As the city goes mad

And with only one more day
What impressions will we leave?

Anarchy appears in a city of democracy
And the city goes mad

It is a shock to witness
As familiar streets become tension grounds

Stirring up violent reactions
Within our city streets

The main streets are like war zones
On a day like this

In a place of such safety
Damaged/ so severe

Has the nature of the city
Turned upside down?
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