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New found impressions

I remember the visit
Where the neighborhood was new

I was a new resident
And you were my friends.

Before you had come to visit
You had never been

A good impression so crucial
For the friends that care

That way you knew I was happy
And all would be right.

As we walk
the city streets

Coming closer
To a place called home

We stop gazing suddenly
At the couple as they fight

A fight so intense
That the police have stepped in.

The last thing I needed
Was an impression change.

Within an instant the worry starts occurring
Amongst the friends that care.

Everyone knows arguments
Are a serious thing

Capable of scaring away strangers
So afraid of possibilities.

Watching the argument
With looks of horror all the same.

I have no idea, I’m uncertain
What should I do?

But I have a witty comment, something that might just be
Good enough

I laugh in a moment
Of uncertainty

While looking at those in which have chosen
They will not stop the fight

And I tell my friends
Welcome to the neighbourhood

To my surprise they start to laugh
Something tells me I should start walking again

Soon they follow
And the laughing doesn’t stop

I find myself laughing
And joining in

Within an instant the argument
Is far behind

It’s forgotten
And then we find
We’ve already moved on.
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