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The poem of contentment

Watching, temporarily
A world I’m not meant to appear.

It fails to bug me
As the former acquaintances pass me by.

The former acquaintances I was never meant to know.
Every conversation was necessity

It’s unbelievable: they once participated
In an often isolating world.

All so healing
I’m finally free

Affected/ no longer
by a presence of the past

I’m Feeling nothing
But looking back.

Walking alone
And passing those groups

Wondering: why was I once affected by a group of people that changed
From big to small?

Why would their actions always become
A painful circumstance?

What I wanted so badly
Was to leave that world alone

There’s no point in redemption: the past
Is long ago

Feeling nothing
For the very first time.

What I prefer is forgetting
And moving on.

I do not need sights of past crushes
Or the people/ I’ll always remember

As the once popular
high school crowd.

Things have changed
Now I’m chasing a dream

I’m beginning to realize:
The dream is not far away

This reminiscence so useless
Since the future is bright

I’ve moved on and I know that’s the case
For everyone else.

Full of optimism
As I feel/so certain

That the life I want is within my grasp.
No longer will I complain: I’ve long escaped.
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