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A segment from a short play entitled waiting

Scene 1
Lidia sits on a park bench clutching a cell phone with a worried expression on her face. She then proceeds to rummaging through her bag to try and find a daily planner in a packed, messy purse on the bench nearby. As she digs through her bag she keeps rummaging through her bag and muttering to herself. She then finds the planner and lets out a joyful “ah ha” while holding it up in front of herself. She takes a quick flip through it and just as she opens up a page from it about to refer to it to dial a number her friend, Jen appears just in time to stop her from dialing the number.
Jen (rushing in and out of breath): Lidia....Lidia! Stop! I want...you...to stop this....right now!
Lidia suddenly stops and puts her cell phone away startled by her friend Jen’s surprise appearance
Lidia (startled): Jen? What are you doing here? I just was just confirming that I knew that he was coming. How did you know that I would actually phone him....right now?
Jen: Would you believe a little bird told me?
Lidia: Come on don’t go using cliché expressions on me! How did you really know?
Jen: Look, that’s not really what matters right now. I just want you more than anything to not go through with this.
Lidia: But why? I still don’t understand.
Jen: I know that things have been stressful for you with work and everything but...Lidia come on same with everyone else nothing is perfect.
Lidia: You just don’t understand. I just have no other choice...that’s all. It’s all been one snowballing problem after another.
Jen: Well, I pretty much already knew that and I mean why wouldn’t I? We’ve been friends for...I can’t even remember how long. I heard everything. But, like, come on everyone’s got problems...and they don’t all go crying to him. Who the hell is he anyways have you ever even met him?
Jen is pacing and still hasn’t sat down.
Lidia: Jen?
Jen: What?
Lidia: Just sit down. It drives me crazy when you pace uncomfortably back and forth like that. Just take a seat.
Jen: Why won’t you just answer my question? I think this is just ridiculous. I want you to just get off that bench and come with me...for a walk or something. It’s a perfectly nice day...we can go to one of your favourite coffee shops or book stores.
Lidia: No. If I come with you I might miss him.
Jen: Not necessarily. Maybe over coffee you can tell me what’s wrong and then you might not even need this mysterious bastard.
Lidia (offended): Don’t call him that!
Jen: Call him what, a mysterious bastard? You stand up for him and you’ve never even met him? Oh, come on he could be a complete scamming fraud all you know.
Lidia: He’s not a fraud!
Jen: But how do you know that for sure? I still don’t get it.
Lidia: You’ve heard things, I’ve heard things, we’ve all heard things....
Jen (surprised): and that’s all you’re going by?
Lidia: Well....um I’ve known people who were helped by him.
Jen: Like who Lidia? I know pretty much everyone you know.
Lidia: Um....oh shoot, no names are coming to mind....
Jen: You can’t remember? Are you serious, you can’t remember?
Lidia: Why should that even matter? The truth is I’m really glad you came....I’m scared....that’s right I’m scared because honestly what the hell am I suppose to expect out of this guy. I’m beginning to think I can’t go through this thing alone, I just sorta want you as my friend to just sorta...you know....be there for me, keep me company. That’s all I ask for right now...please Jen.
Jen: Okay fine. (Jen finally sits down next to Lidia)You don’t really need to even say any more, you don’t need to be scared. I’ll be right here I’m not going anywhere. Don’t worry Lidia; I’ll be there when he comes. Who cares if he makes a big deal out of the fact I’m here!
(End of scene 1)
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