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The Bad Day: my play that is nearly three years old

Act I, scene 1- In trouble
Streetcar driver (to audience before beckoning them to follow): Ladies and gentlemen, madames et monsieurs, next stop the ultimate of bad days of a certain lady, a rather typical lady named Beth. Today we will follow her lead for she is an intriguing lady indeed and this is one of the worst days of her come with me and follow Beth, next stop Beth’s day. (makes brief contact with the audience and then motions for them to follow and goes to the first space, the office space)
Beth enters as soon as the play begins and the action of the play begins. The streetcar driver acts as a voice in the streetcar scene and as a leader for the audience to follow their lead. She walks hesitatingly and not quite sure what to expect into Ms. Calieto, her boss’ office as she waits for her to show. Throughout the scene, there is an evident sense of tension in the air and a strong sense of Ms. Calieto’s superiority over Beth. Beth knocks to make sure she can come in.
Ms. Calieto (To Beth): Yes, Beth, Come in, we have many things to discuss concerning your recent... um... (Pause briefly to try to figure out what to say)... ups and downs at work.
(Beth enters and stands in front of her boss who sits at her desk with a bunch of files spread out on her desk)
Ms. Calieto: Beth, sit down, we have much to discuss. Well... unfortunately your recent job performance has not been favourable...I mean you are a hard worker and a valuable addition to our team but...
(Beth sits at the seat facing her boss’s desk)
Beth: But, What is wrong with my job performance? I’ve been working here for about...4 years now .Why all of a sudden my job performance is unfavourable.
Ms. Calieto: Your punctuality in the last little while has got terrible and that new girl, Michelle, Mandy...well whatever her name is never seems to get along with you and so you have completely failed to obey the company code. (Pauses for a brief moment) We don’t feel like we can rely on you anymore, Beth. You know the company code, Beth- let others feel welcome and you will be welcome too.
Beth: Oh, you mean Michelle and you know what that company policy is ridiculous, no one ever follows that to tell you the truth. Who made that policy up anyways?
Ms. Calieto: I made it up, actually. I don’t see anything ridiculous about company policy. Anyways, Beth, dear, I’m sorry to inform you but thanks to your unfortunate employee eval you are now officially on probation.
Beth: Probation? I don’t understand. Why should something like that put me on probation?
Ms. Calieto: No, no more arguing with company policy, that is simply childish. One last mess up and you’re out of here.
Beth: That’s just not fair, who makes up these employee evals anyways? And why do you have to base it on one ridiculous evaluation? I am not being childish.
Ms. Calieto: You are being childish.
Beth: You’re wrong!
Ms. Calieto: Yes, you are being childish.
Beth: No, I’m not
Ms. Calieto: Yes, you...I mean... ( as she speaks she glances through a file on her desk and writes something on a piece of paper and tries to hide what she wrote from Beth) : well... Beth, you are simply out of line. As I told you before, I am the one who makes up the employee evaluations. These evaluations tell me how my employees are doing. You’re pushing my limits, Beth.
Beth (in almost anger but trying desperately to hold it in to not lose her temper): I…am…not…out of line…this is simply…this is simply…not fair...Michelle...it was Michelle’s fault, she intentionally gave me bad coffee that was cold and the worst tasting coffee I’ve ever had on the evaluation day. And you know what else she did? She told the evaluator all kinds of lies...I...I heard every word. Those evaluations are completely untrue!
Ms. Calieto: The new girl did that?
Beth: Michelle, Michelle I told you already her name is Michelle. Maybe if you made an effort to learn people’s names and tried to figure out what was going on once in a while instead of using silly little sources like...evaluations and gossipers none of this would have happened...and you know...I’d go on but I don’t want to be fired over speaking my mind.
Ms.Calieto: Why would someone offer to get you coffee and then get you cold terrible coffee on purpose? I don’t believe your lies! How dare you!
Beth: I’m not lying. I could tell it was intentional because when she did it there was a smug smile on her face and that’s not it there was also the other mean things she did. How do you even know if this is the truth...did you learn it from someone? (pauses for a moment) anyways.... her behaviour is also completely unprofessional and it’s been affecting my job performance.
Ms. Calieto: I don’t think that has any effect even if it’s true and I would of seen this happen if she was being mean to you. (Pauses for a moment in order to pick up the paper she was transcribing Beth’s words on before and puts it in away in a nearby file) You are simply getting on my nerves.
Beth: I should not be getting on your nerves its Michelle who should be on probation not me. How...how dare you call me a liar and base things on one bad evaluation. Michelle, Michelle talks bad about everyone, and is trying to get me fired...I just know it... and she waltzes in when she god damn feels like it and no one notices cause she’s little miss new girl. It’s Michelle who should be on probation not me, no maybe for not being able to fairly decide things you should be on probation, you’re not even a good boss!
Ms. Calieto): That’s it get out of my office... I’ve had enough! In fact...I can’t take it anymore that’s it your fired!
Beth: Fine, I quit! (pauses as she walks towards the door as she realizes what has happened and her emotions change to fear): What...no...not at this point (A long pause as result of her shock) (To audience) I really need this job; I’ve been here for several years, this job is stability...I can’t... but why...I can’t be fired...not now...not at this point...
(After she speaks, Beth leaves the area of her boss’s office. As soon as the streetcar driver leads the audience in Beth’s direction, there is a change in atmosphere as the cast in the subway area line up to get on the streetcar. The scene starts when everyone is on the streetcar and the streetcar driver takes their place to drive the streetcar)
Scene 2- The rudeness/ streetcar ride
The audience should walk in and be positioned around the streetcar Beth paces back and forth and the young women simply remains her own little world completely unaware of Beth. The bystander (who seems to think they are one person) seems like they prepared to have a dialogue with themselves. As soon as the Beth approaches the young woman the action officially begins. Throughout this scene and the duration of the play, the streetcar driver mearly acts as a voice in the scene to represent the TTC voice over.
Streetcar driver (Acting as a voice directed towards the passengers): Next stop Ossington, Next stop Ossington. All passengers move back to ensure passenger and driver safety.
Beth (moving towards the young woman and staring her down with irritation in her voice): Could you move your feet please, I’d like to sit there! Move, you’re in my way.
(The Young woman doesn’t respond because she is unable to hear her and continues to only pay attention to her music)
Beth (with a hint of anger and annoyance in her voice): Did you even hear me?
(Suddenly realizes that Beth is talking to her)
Beth (evidentially starting to lose her patience): I...said...did...you hear me!
(Takes the headphones out of the young woman’s ears and the young woman responds with surprise and confusion, and anger)
The young woman: What the hell, what was that for? I hope you have something to say because that was like totally unnecessary. Like what is your problem?
Beth (in a bossy and obviously really irritated tone of voice): Move your feet please, they’re on the seat and in my way!
The young woman (with a hint of annoyed attitude in her voice): No, just sit somewhere else, there’s pretty much no problem with me having my feet on the seat.
Beth: But...there is nowhere else to sit!
The young woman: Then just leave... me... alone and just stand then, there’s, like (pauses again as if collecting her thoughts) no problem with that.
Beth(in a mocking tone) Come on, I... just... need... to sit... down. Don’t you have any respect?
(The young woman just stares at Beth for a beat in response unsure of what to say with a puzzled and angry look on her face)
Bystander#1(to Beth): You don’t have to be so rude, lady. She obviously had her music on; I don’t see a problem with her putting her legs up on the seats.
Beth (turns around with a tone of disgust in her tone of voice to respond to their argument of one of their personalities): Excuse me? Do you even know this girl? And why is this is your business, anyways?
Bystander#2: I think she’s right, that girl is being kind of rude.
Bystander#3(to bystander#1, their first argument and personality): Just mind your own business, and don’t see why you have to step in and take sides like that.
Streetcar driver: Please, all passengers stop this loud bickering, we don’t want to see this become a full serious conflict, please stop the bickering. You have no right to intervene in this matter. Thank you.
Bystander#3: See what I mean, the driver agrees.
Bystander#2(To bystander#3, their third personality): No, the driver is wrong we have every right to fight about such a thing. You are all wrong.
Bystander#1+3: excuse me?
Beth takes a moment to speak out of shock towards the bystanders argument with themself.
Beth: how is this anything to do with you...whoever you are...or you people...or whatever you want me to say?
Streetcar driver: Attention, attention all passengers due to this continuous bickering I am kicking you off the streetcar. I repeat, you are now being kicked off the streetcar I apologize for the inconvenience. Goodbye!
For a moment, all the passengers express their discontent and quickly get off at the next stop. Beth pauses and suddenly realizes that she forgot something. As Beth begins to leave the streetcar she pauses for a moment to get something out of her pockets and as a result her keys fall out of her pocket and without Beth noticing the young woman sees this happen and picks up the keys. She sees Beth leaving and tries to follow her. At the end of the scene Beth starts to slowly walk towards the next setting, and when Beth leaves we are left with just the young woman who is looking for Beth. The young woman should look confused for a moment and then pick a random audience member and ask which way Beth went. When Beth leaves and the young woman has got pointed in Beth’s direction she chases after her, holding the keys. The audience should then be motioned to follow the young woman.
Scene 3: Unaware
Beth is now speed walking along in a state of panic as the young woman starts to try and catch up to her and get her attention. This action stops when Beth finally notices what is going on.
Young woman (Yelling loudly and out of breath): Hey you! You...dropped...some...thing...you...dropped something...come...back...here... (Pauses to catch her breath).You dropped... your keys... your keys...I have your keys.
(There is still no response but Beth pauses in a panic for a moment and digs around her purse, suddenly noticing that something is gone)
Beth: Oh shit...did I just forget something?
(Beth pauses for a moment to look through her purse . The young woman moves towards Beth and then freezes until she has said her lines)
Beth: Let’s see... I didn’t forget my wallet, nope that’s here, my cell phone is right where I left it, my credit cards are in the same place as always, my pads are here, wouldn’t want to forget those somewhere, my keys are...um (Pauses for a moment to collect her thoughts)...wait a minute...
(Suddenly realizing what is missing)
Beth: Oh no...They were there the last time I looked...they have to be here somewhere.
(Beth starts to wander around looking for her keys, panicking)
Young woman: Hey! Why can’t you hear me?
Beth checks one more place and then suddenly notices what is going on and then she pauses and glances at the young woman for a moment thinking she is following her and then begins to walk at an almost running pace thinking that she is being stalked.
Young woman: Wait, wait come back here! Please come back here!
Beth looks behind her once again to check if she is still being followed
Beth: What do you want? Why are following me? Just leave me alone.
Beth continues to move quickly in a panic and keeps looking back at the young woman. The young woman follows behind her temporarily until both characters stop moving in another area
Young woman: Please stop and listen to me... please listen I’m only trying to help.
(Beth turns around, stops in front of her, and realizes what has happened)
Beth: What? What do you want? You bugged me enough today.
Young woman: Didn’t you hear me the first time?
Beth: No, I didn’t hear you. All I know is that you were following me for some reason. Don’t you people have anything better to do but pester other people?
Young woman: Don’t you understand I’m not following you and how rude, I was trying to help you.
Beth: How are you helping me? All I see you doing is running after me and shouting like a fool.
Young woman (pauses for a moment to collect her thoughts before saying her line): You lost something, right?
Beth (shows an element of suspicion towards the young woman): Yes, I did lose something but... how did you know that? (Looks suspiciously at the young woman) Did you steal something, you better not have stolen something or else...or else I’m going to figure out who your boss is and tell them all about your horrid behaviour.
Young woman: No I didn’t steal anything from you. Really I’m not lying.
(Beth says nothing but gives the young woman another suspicious look)
Beth: Then how do you know I lost something then?
Young woman: Because you dropped, these and I picked them up for you. (Holds up and jingles Beth’s keys)
Beth: Where...where did you get those?
Young woman: You dropped those on the streetcar and I picked them up, after how rude you were, you’re lucky I didn’t leave them.
(The young woman hands Beth the keys and Beth takes them back putting them away in her purse. Beth pauses for a moment unsure how to react.)
Beth: I am so sorry...and...And thank you, how rude of me, I needed these...you have no idea...I’m not normally like this.
Young woman is speechless and gives Beth a smile in response. There is a moment of silence where smiles of forgiveness are exchanged and then they exit in opposite directions.
Streetcar driver (briefly addressing the audience): Attention ladies and gentlemen. That is all for now please be prepared to leave, I repeat, please be prepared to leave. Thank you. (Exits)
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