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A journey wasted

On a morning alone
waiting for unknown

watching for the stranger
of uncertainty

Time is nothing
but a passerby

Remaining, so still
at a meeting place

Your stillness makes you nothing
but a statuette

As crowds of people
Pass you by

The urgency is nothing
just watch and wait

These are the days
when nothing is time

Waiting, and hoping
yet not quite sure

And your willing to wait
and let the time go by

Your sense of purpose
creates confidence vibes.

All the strangers believe
you know the way

when honestly/ in reality
you don't know at all.

Keeping your eye on the ones
your meant to meet.


At this point your waiting
and they are really late

Yet still your hoping
that they'll eventually show

If only you wait
a little while.

Your head is held so god damn high:
the strangers believe
you know everything

But you don't have a clue
so you point at a map

With one eye/ still looking closely
for the ones you are waiting for

More time starts to pass
and you wonder where they are

Not really certain
if you should stick around.


Waiting turns to worry
there is noting you can do

And those eyes still looking closely
for the unfashionably late.

The vibe of confidence
turns to worry in your once confident eyes.

A woman old enough to be granny
approaches with care asking: "deary, oh deary are you lost?"

Responding with nothing
but a simple no

Her intentions were good
and she would of helped.

You look at your watch
as she leaves you behind

Half an hour has passed
and still no sign

Looking one more time
at the approaching crowds

You feel so certain
that they will not show

No point in waiting
for even more time.


You turn away
from the subway crowd

Hoping for explanation
as you leave this place

All you can do
is head in the direction in which you came:

A slow, quiet journey
to the place left behind.

An endless journey
for nothing at all

Waiting for explanation:
It will come.
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