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Original noise, my latest play, and some hints of other creative stuff on the way

this summer (as you guys probably all know) was the beginning of one of my most ongoing projects, Original Noise. I'm also assuming that most of you have also seen the Original Noise slide show (posted in my previous blog post) so I'm assuming that you guys have a pretty good idea of what it is and where it began. Those of you who have heard of the Original Noise poetry zine are probably wondering the same thing: when are you going to start working on the next issue? Well, I am also a university student therefore I am going to have to pick a time when I have more time on my hands. Zinemaking is an awesome summer activity so I have officially concluded that summer is the best time to start working on volume two of Original Noise. I am a participant in Revenge Of Print 2011 and they are only one of my many reasons why I am going to work on another volume of Original Noise. As a participant in Revenge Of Print 2011 my challenge is simple: self-publish something, at some point this year. Their main objective is to encourage people to increase the number of printed materials in the year 2011. Why? -to prove that the printed medium is still going strong and no, we are not in fact moving towards the death of printed, non-electronic material.If this sounds interesting I highly recommend looking these guys up on Google and/or joining their facebook group. My ideas for volume two are not yet clear and even if they were I wouldn't be willing to share them (yet). And the possible release date (but the date isn't really final): mid-June. If your interested keep checking for more details.It will most likely include some new photos, perhaps from someplace else and some brand, spanking new poetry. I've learned about some cool, new poetic forms over the course of this year and I'm considering experimenting with them.
In other creative related news: my latest play "Waiting" is fully complete and I'd say it's editing process is complete but editing never really feels complete, especially in the theatre. I'm submitting it to my school theatre festival. I might even publish a segment or two on my blog. I am waiting to hear the result of that and, if that goes well I might even aim higher by submitting it someplace else and if that goes well then that's really great. Notice that I'm writing a lot of "if" statements in this paragraph. I can only use "ifs" when referring to my play simply because it is difficult to predict what direction it will go in. I could potentially be rejected, who knows and if that occurs I'll just try somewhere else. I wrote a play and I want to try and get it on its feet.
I don't really have any new pieces at this point just news about some potential, future, creative projects. I guess we'll just have to wait and see just because there are so many potential unknowns. Keep checking back for more details and material! Thanks for reading!
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