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Everyone has there own ideas of what something should or shouldn't be. It is both healthy and okay to stick to our own views of what something should and shouldn't be but at the same time it is also important to never pick a belief without questioning everything that it entails. The important thing that is often forgotten: being open minded about other beliefs about what something should be. We are taught to believe that something is one way but there will always be new ways to define things as a result of the way people have altered and changed things. I'm not trying to be preachy or anything, I'm just stating my own beliefs and you are more then welcome to either agree or disagree.
There are some things that are subjective definitions that sound so official that they convincingly come across as objective that need to be questioned but often aren't. I'm not saying that it is right to question the unquestionable and logical I'm just saying that we must never forget to question the perceptions around us about what things should be. I'm not just talking about writing and stories which is what you would assume since I spend so much time talking about that I mean in terms of life: in general. Stories and our ideas of what makes a story, play, poem, etc. are very subjective. We are taught to expect different types of material to appear in certain ways and a majority of my own personal influences have managed to take our emotive and structural expectations in a brand new direction by portraying realism, creating things the way they want things to be, and portraying nothing but the truth even if it meant that it might offend people. They were constantly tackling new, overlooked, and unexplored territory.That's the way things should be in art and in life in general and I just felt it was important to cover that. Thanks for reading!
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