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Creative projects progress update

Original Noise issue 2:
The second issue of Original Noise is one of the creative things currently in production. In order to promote issue 2 of Original Noise I will provide some detail spoilers: #1: issue 2 has less photographs and more content(more content focused),#2: there is absolutely no poetry but plenty of short and sweet character monologues and a short story that some of you might be familiar with that at this point has been edited to death called "words on the sidewalk".
The master copy of the zine is nearly complete. I made a mistake of misjudging how much room I have in the zine therefore I have two pages remaining to do whatever the hell I want and believe me, I have some plans! And after that it's photocopying and binding and then volume two will be ready!Life has been the slow down for stuff like this at the moment but I'm not really complaining. At this point the one thing I know for certain about the zine is that it will be completed by the end of May, and if all works out perfectly it will be ready in time for the last little bit of spring and the 3rd anniversary of this blog. Oh yeah, did I mention this blog will be exactly 3 years old in mid June?Once this zine is complete it will be part of "Revenge of print 2011": take that those that say that independent publishing and the printed word is headed towards death, I am one more person contributing to the movement as a whole!
Other creative stuff:
It is wonderful when one thing leads to another. It is also wonderful when one small idea turns into a bigger idea. One story now has a possible continuing path that goes beyond the story itself. What I find even cooler is that this blog is starting to be multiple purposes instead of the single purpose it had when it began: a publishing venue where I was the boss of my own publishing and now it is that and a bunch of related things as well. This blog also takes the form of a creative project log, will soon take the form of opinions on arts, culture and entertainment, and is my chance to let things I'm working on after they have gone through editing get their first sight of the average reader. As I say consistently thank you to all you readers who, well, read this blog. Whether or not you agree with or like the things I post I once again hope that my gratitude comes across nice and clear.
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