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A poem to a role model

This poem is dedicated to someone I knew who made an impact on me and continues to in a way to this day.

To an anonymous reminder of strength

The strongest person I’ve ever known
Was not afraid of fear.

They never ran away.
They accepted
When they could not be strong

At times when it was tough
They were ready
To face anything

They were the most afraid:

Not exactly fearless
But almost never running away.

They taught me strength
Was a certain ability,
An ability
To be unafraid
To feel.

Life was never
Their source of simplicity
And they savoured it anyways

They would never
Go down without a fight.

If you were not strong enough
Their strength changed everything:

Their full life story
Was enough to cause ultimate strength.

They taught me
To never stop fighting
And never
To be pushed around.

Full of life,
Love and care
Yet tougher than anyone else

Even when they lost
They a found way to win

Even when the battle
Was nothing but a losing streak.

A source of inspiration
To keep on fighting
The fight:

An inspiration
Of something unforgettable

The reminder to never
Be afraid to feel a thing

And it will continue
To be this way.
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