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Upcoming stuff

My apologies for the delay in terms of posts. Lately I've been keeping myself busy with the following: the student theatre festival I was part of and had an acting role in that ended about a week ago, academic crunch time, and studying for an upcoming test. I've been busy and once I have more time I will start posting just as frequently as I used when I started this blog nearly three years ago. I say nearly three years ago because this blog won't be 3 years old until this June. I have the following on the go: one poem, one short story, and 2 rough copies of 2 zines laying around in various places. Those zines are in very safe places and as soon as I have the time I will take a trip to photocopying heaven aka: Kinko's (because it is so cheap) and make a bunch of copies. Oh yeah speaking of zines it turns out I will start working on volume 2 of Original Noise way earlier then I thought: in between mid-April and early May. I'll have some time to work on that project and the two other creative pieces I have on then and one weekend I'll take a break from everything, blast some upbeat music, and get out the zine supplies. It will be just like the time where I put volume one together! I think I'm kind of excited about this! I need to concentrate on school for a bit but at some point soon I'll give one of those pieces an intensive edit and who knows one or both of them might appear on my blog or not I'm not really sure.

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