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The day the city went mad: revised

A response to the witnessing of the G2O protests in Toronto, summer of 2010

In a power house city
Doing just fine

Hosting something of world importance:
Watch the tensions rise

Bring in the police
With riot gear

Bring in the radicals
Watch the city go mad

Blown out of proportions
As the tensions rise

Violence and action
Mistaken for one thing

Most protesters wanting nothing
But to better the world

But is that going anywhere
With police this worked up over radical protest?

More attention
Ends up focused
On those who want to start a fight.
Mixing up the difference
Those with intentions of peace

And those
Smashing windows
Destroying property

These are the actions
Of the fearless thieves

And the build up anger
In the city streets:

City smashed windows
And exploding police cars.

When things get ugly
The damage is made
The world
Paying close attention
To chaos on the streets

With one big question:
Are we under control?

Would cause trouble
On such a rainy day?

Watching this moment
As the city goes mad:

This is not
The city streets
Of familiarity.

Towards free expression
To violence and anarchy
Some even realize
There are better ways for control.

So many questions,
So many fingers to point
The city turned backwards
At least for today.
At the end of today
What impressions will we leave?

Anarchy within democracy
So the city has gone mad?

The main streets
Are like war zones
On a day like this
Places of safety:
Damaged/ so severe

Has the nature
Of the city
Turned upside down?
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