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A monologue I came back to recently

For a while blogger wasn't working and this was on a day where I had a moment where I was like "I want to post something new today. I have another thing to blog." Well...since blogger wasn't working I posted this as a note on my facebook page. Those who have seen that note who are facebook friends and have read that note this is the exact same thing therefore you might not want to read the same thing again but if you do well... then go right ahead!
Paul Monologue: copied from one of my facebook notes:part 1 brief explanation:
This is a work in progress. I wrote it in a freewriting exercise. I want to do more with this character. It isn't linked to any particular creative project. I just wrote it one day (I can't remember when) and didn't come back to it until quite recently. The character's name is Paul and this is the Paul Monologue. I've written a lot of characters similar to Paul. They re-appear constantly in my stories, don't ask me why because I have no idea.
Paul Monologue: part 2: the actual monologue:
So in a way the world is a lonely place like, fuck it and the only way I’m going to stop myself from pure insanity is to keep myself with these guys. Hell they aren’t perfect or any shit like that but I see them around and there no denying they just loads of fun to be ‘round. I see them every night at all the local fun hang outs and I know they can be cruel hell I even see them make ladies cry sometimes and I almost wanna say sorry but I know very well that they just goin’ to call me a pussy or some shit like that and hell, you got to admit the comments are at least sorta funny in a way in fact I sometimes join in and there nothing wrong with having a good laugh now and then even if others don’t like what they hear. It not like there anybody else around or anything in fact my buddies are all I got. Life and shit isn’t like easy or anything these days, man in fact I think I sort of lucky to have a job even if it’s Bus boy work at some restaurant. It isn’t bad work or nothing in fact I met nice people and shit, most of them in high school and university and part time too. I sometimes regret not doing what all those brainy kids in school did and actually try but I just wasn’t cut out for that bull crap. They all doctors, or lawyers or basically anything that make them do well in life and I’m sitting here wasting away the days living life on almost nothing wondering what dreams could I have accomplished, what could life of been like?
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