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A neccesary side note

It is nearly June and those of you that have no birthdays, anniversaries, or any thing else may be thinking: yes, that means that it is nearly summer but so what? June marks the third birthday of R.M.R's Writing Space. I honestly can't remember the exact day but because I have managed to keep the blog going for this long and allowed it to expand into something else that doesn't exclude anything that doesn't qualify as a personal creative writing showcase I felt this was the year in which it was important to finally recognize that day when it comes and I haven't really over the last two years. If I got all reminiscent and sentimental it would be way too repetitive because the day I recognize that this blog is now officially three years old that will probably be what the blog post will be like. I'm uncertain how I'm going to recognize that day: through a nostalgic blog post, a celebration of some sort, a creative piece, or all of the above but 3 years, even if the blog posts weren't as frequent as I wanted them to be or they should be feels like a massive accomplishment especially since, according to Sitemeter and the Facebook like tool people are actually reading this blog. I didn't really make a blog expecting a ton of readership I just sort of started it thinking "I may not be a published writer but at least the internet has given me other options that make it a somewhat similar thing." The blog is officially 3 years old in mid-June but I felt it was important to note that the upcoming month represents something that I have somehow managed to keep going over a long term. As I always say over and over again thank you to all the readers of this blog, thanks times a million!
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