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24 hour playwriting contest and the 24 hour zine thing

In July I will be participating in two things that both have an aim of completing something in 24 hours: the 24 hour playwriting contest and the 24 hour zine thing. I would just like to say one thing about contests with a goal of creating something in 24 hours: they are a fantastic incentive, for procrastinators and/or people with some sort of creative ambition/goal. They give you an excuse to shut out everything else and do nothing but the task you are attempting to complete in 24 hours which is really refreshing because you are given an excuse to be able to do nothing but that one task for a sustained period of time which is really exhilarating and refreshing in a way. For both these things that I am participating in they both have a highly satisfying goal of finishing that creative project in 24 hours but only one of them is called a contest since it is judged by a jury and could potentially become a professional, staged reading. I have plenty of ideas that I am willing to make adjustments to if worst comes to worst and...so I have two creative challenges this month: write a play in 24 hours and complete a zine in 24 hours. Should be fun, exciting, and relaxing all at the same time. It will probably involve lots of caffeine and some very late nights.
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