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first entry of the blog's third year

Well...here’s the long anticipated first blog entry of R.M.R Writing Space’s third year! It’s been longer then it should of been but, oh well, too late now. I had a great anniversary in which I got to spoil myself rotten and laze around in my pjs for a longer period of time then I normally do. It was...nice. So happy belated anniversary to my good ol’ blog and I’m going to try and make it last for a good while longer!
I’ve lately been adding these creative project updates. They all came to a temporary stand sill due to the interference of personal life stuff and I’m due to get back to them soon. I hate to spill the beans about works in progress but I thought it might be good to talk about stuff I’m creative working on: 2 new, stories and I should be getting back to putting the finishing touches on the master copy of the second volume of Original Noise Volume 2 soon but, I don’t know how soon because I’ve got some other unrelated priorities to consider as well, it will happen though: that I can absolutely guarantee!
When I was in the process of making Original Noise Volume 1 I discovered and had a brand new appreciation for amateur photography and some people are saying that apparently I’m quite good at, even though I use the cheapest camera available and I have no background in it at all. I think the main attraction of photography for me is that it reflects the way my stories begin, through the everyday yet iconic symbols of the things that are such a regular part of our everyday lives that they are often taken for granted and overlooked. Each photo shows what I see before I get an idea for a story: a striking image that would fit perfectly into a particular story. I always tell people that my stories are like a visual artist’s sketch of a moment they found worthy of their attention except with words. The last two times I took photos each one had a story or some sort of significance and were not in the least a result of getting carried away with a camera and by photographing the moments I found striking I was providing a visual representation of how most of my stories start to formulate within my brain.
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