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the "making beautiful art" myth

So I walked into a bookstore where a woman was giving another woman a palm reading in...the middle of a bookstore. Random...I know but that's not really my point, I just have a tendency to end up in those types of environments filled with spontaneity. Once again none of the above statements are my point so here's my real point. A common myth that bugs me...a lot that I feel I must make perfectly clear: the myth that people that are artists of all kinds "create beautiful things", that idea reminds me of a literary and visual arts movement called Romanticism. I hate that, why should we try to glorify and glamorize our world not only in art but culture and life as well?! It won't always be "beautiful" art. Beautiful is just a word we use when we don't know what else to say and implies that we are trying to make the world into a pretty, visually appealing picture. It won't always be beautiful and the critics of darker work are forgetting that crucial reality, that's where humor comes in: amongst the unexpected patches of light. If we say that art is about "creating beautiful things" then we are being dishonest to the whole point of art. This myth says something really dishonest and defies the whole point of art. If someone tells a story, in any medium: dance, song, written text, performance, in a visual art piece, etc. there would be so many limitations and so much dishonesty if they limit themselves to art that is beautiful. A truly gifted artist can find that light in even the darkest of circumstance no matter how minimal that light may be. I could say more but, I'm up a little later then I should be. I just wanted to share that point on my blog even if I couldn't go into deep detail. Thanks for reading, once again.
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