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Overheard Speech

The following is in fact a true story and revolves around a life time addiction that will never be cured because I have no intention to cure it:

I wouldn’t talk so loudly
In a place like those

I think you’ve forgotten:
About the people around

The whole world,
Open ears
About your family pain

I admit to fascination:
Your brother cheated on someone!

I’m stepping
Into a soap opera world

I wonder:
Will the victim find out?

This brother is unfaithful:
What a terrible man!

One day she’ll find out
About this scandalous circumstance

I wonder
Will he ever change?

So filled
With endless curiosity.

Continue talking:
I want to hear more!

But all they want to do
Is drop the subject and leave.

They will no longer have to deal
With secret listening

They disappear
But I still want to know more
Left with a question:
Will this ever resolve?

But I’ll never know
I’m not part of their lives.
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