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What's next

Okay so...
I wanted to take the time to talk about what is next. I've been very busy with a bunch of stuff in my personal life and my school life. As of this week the school stuff will come to end and I will be a little less busy. Those of you that either A) know me and willingly listen to me go on and on about creative projects or B) read this blog and out of utter curiosity choose to follow what happens on it may be wondering: "what's next?" Well...I intentionally choose to not talk about my personal life on my blog but focus on discussing the creative stuff. Original noise volume 2 has been a failure so far and I've been so wrapped up in other stuff that the amount of writing I've done has been quite minimal and it wasn't really stuff I was proud of. As soon as I get the time I'll start working on my photography zine and I have two short pieces that I want to revise a bit more and improve. One of them turned out to a kids story but I didn't really plan for it to be that way and the other one is a story told in a loosely rhythmic, somewhat poetic format so to be perfectly honest I have no idea if it would be classified as a poem or a short story, I'll just call it a poem/story. I'd think of a clever way to blend the two words but it wouldn't make any sense. And that is my answer to the what's next question without the additional details of my personal life.
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