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Bruce Peninsula

Sometimes I like to talk about music on this blog and bands that blow me away and I would love to share with other people. The last time I talked about music on R.M.R's Writing Space it was an entire post dedicated to the music of Matthew and Eleanor Friedburger, who together are known as The Fiery Furnaces and individually they are known as unique and talented musicians. This is my second post on music and this time I will be focusing on the indie/folk/rock/pop collective, Bruce Peninsula.
They (Bruce Peninsula) have released a grand total of one album called A Mountain Is A Mouth and one E.P. I have heard a grand total of one song off that E.P since it is so difficult to find a copy and apparently it is easier to find on vinyl and I don't have the right equipment to play vinyl records. The song is called "Lift 'em up/ Jack can I ride" and it is a cover of an old traditional song that, although it is religious in nature and I personally am not a religious person their is something really uplifting about the spirit of the song and I'm pretty sure that is why they chose it and seem to play it at all their gigs.  Their music is a blend of rock and folk, an unexpected blend of two completely different genres of music that they manage to pull off quite successfully and in many ways that is what makes them unique, interesting, and unlike many other bands out there: the ability to blend music from two completely different worlds and turn it into something vibrant and new. Another highlight of their music: the ability to take the traditional idea of "the choir" and take it in a brand new direction.
I've been following the band since the very beginning, back when their debut album was first released in stores and have a fond memory of seeing them perform for the first time at my local independent record store and being absolutely blown away by it. After a while I started to wonder why they had disappeared off the face of the earth and wanted to hear new material. I was afraid that Bruce Peninsula was one of those bands that had gone through something beyond their control that had stopped them from doing more. Some new material had leaked online and that is always a fair way to predict potential, new work (the common sense approach). A couple months later around NXNE time I read something talking about the band who were performing for the first time in ages. The strange thing is that my prediction turned out to be right, something had happened, the lead singer was battling cancer and going through treatment and that (of course) halted the work on their new record. I've seen recent videos of the band performing and if I hadn't found out on my own I would of never known because he is in great shape. I'm not really sure if I have my facts straight but I heard somewhere that their latest album, Open Flames is due in the fall. I personally can't wait. I have heard some of their new material on youtube recently and someone showed me the video for their new song "Salesman" and I love it and I can't stop listening to that song and love all the new stuff I've heard so far. What I have heard so far can best be described by two words "positive evolution". They recently performed at Summerworks theatre festival. I did not get the opportunity to go but I wish I did. It did extremely well and I was pleased to hear that a band that deserves success was finally getting a taste of it. I wonder what their latest album will be like? Based on the I've heard so far their music is full of great potential, maybe even more than it did on their debut album.
I'll end this post with videos of their music, new and old:
1."Salesman": a great Misha Bower solo, this woman has a great voice:
2. "Lift 'em up/ jack can I ride": the uplifting cover I was talking about:
3. Bruce Peninsula Musical Walkabout in Quebec City:
4."Swimming Song": Bruce Peninsula covering a Loudon Wainwright song (sorry I'm not sure if I spelled his first name right):

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