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News on R.M.R's Writing Space

Great news concerning R.M.R's Writing Space:
It's being renovated and improved! So far there are have been two changes: the welcome message has been replaced with an "about the author" blurb at the top of the page (as you guys have probably already noticed). When I first started blogging I honestly didn't really know anything about blogging and, since this was my first blog I learned by making mistakes which is how I learned everything I know and will one day know about the whole world of writing as a whole. Last night I did some reading on the modern essentials for a successful blog by people who...well managed to have a successful blog with a loyal readership. Some of those things I already have and some of those things are what will be added in my renovation process. Be patient new and old readers because when this is over R.M.R's writing Space will be polished and improved.
Since my blog has been going for three years and people are actually reading it I felt it was time for improvement. I am open to feedback (or not) depending on what people prefer. I have got serious about my writing and you will notice one more thing: a choice to no longer remain anonymous. That choice is so that I can get myself out there so that I have an online presence as an emerging writer. The choice to remain anonymous was so that I could separate myself from the writing, I didn't want people to impose judgments based on immediate assumptions I just wanted them to see nothing but the words I had written. I still have that belief but after careful consideration I thought that I wasn't really doing what I set out to do, when I first started this blog because I wasn't even using my real name, I was using a nickname.
Although this blog is going through a slow, renovation process it will still be the same thing it has always been: a log of my creative projects, an alternative venue for my work , a place to write about writing, and a place to write about books, plays,festivals, music,movies, and various other things along those lines that spark my interest.
I'll end by saying the same thing I say over and over again just because I feel I have to constantly say it: thank you readers and soon this blog would of finished with the improvements that I felt were necessary.     
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