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Projects in progress

I've got a new project in progress,two projects in progress but I've only really had a break through on one of them today. Last summer I discovered chapbooks but that was simply because I was experimenting with and learning through practice and online research. I want to get published, I know that for sure but, I've learned the hard way (by submitting manuscripts to literary magazines and getting my first set of rejection letters ever, a grand total of 17 to be precise) that I haven't yet found the right home for my writing but, I know not to take it personally and that it will happen one day but, that whole thick skin thing is a myth because I believe you have to be a robot to not at least feel something after the rejections. I think the whole thick skin thing is more a realization that it shouldn't be taken personally and is in no ways a reflection of your own abilities but reacting to it is perfectly natural.
A large number of writers have done the whole self-publishing thing. I have a lot of faith in that method of publication since getting your stuff published is at a legit publication is a competitive process and I believe it is a good starting point. My first zine was an experimental leap into the world of self-publishing . Some people are skeptical about it but I have read a lot about it and have strong faith in it. The best possible way to put together what I am working on right now (after it gets a whole bunch more editing) is to make it into a chapbook, it is pretty much designed for that. I'm not sure about stapling (it looks bad and it is a terrible method for bookbinding) and I have always been absolutely awful at sewing in fact,many people have tried to teach me how to sew and failed epically. Sewing is one of the most well-respected ways to book-bind but, the only time I have tried self-publishing (when I made a zine) I found other non-conventional methods to bind the pages together in order to bind together the cover and the inside pages. Currently I'm trying to problem solve by doing more research and by considering my options. I'm not really ready to give up on chapbook making but I almost did...forever last summer when I realized how much my weaknesses limited my ability to make a chapbook in a traditional manner, on my own but I'm going to think over a solution that will allow me to still give it a try.
The most popular methods I found online:
1. sewing or coptic binding:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-aqaPAdufk&feature=related
2. Mini-chapbooks, unfortunately I am not as good of a folder as the guy in the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V3fz9EPzVvg
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