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Some words about journal writing

I have a lot of experience with journal writing, I just never got the chance to write about it or talk so here's some positive words about it for all of you out there who are skeptical about the whole idea of it. There's diaries and journals but I'm going to talk about two different types the traditional, more personal record of events and occurrences and the less traditional form which is used for taking notes rather than focusing on the specific, personal details. I've been keeping a diary since my pre-teen days and for some strange reason I stopped for a whole year and now I'm starting to want to stop it once again. It fueled a habit of recording the world around me and every last entry fueled my love of writing about things and, at the worst of times it was even a form of therapy. So many people, much more than I can even begin to even name and every last entry, past and present is a record that allows the diarist to learn a bit more about themselves and grow a bit as long as it doesn't follow the pattern of the stereotypical teenage, girl diary (and this stereotype can apply to many different ages and both genders).
My experiences with the journal began with the traditional diary and started to expand, about two years ago into something called the creative writing journal, something in which is filled with observational notes of impressions, emotions, and feelings. Two years ago, when I began to take my writing extremely seriously I collected and read a bunch of stuff on writing (in my spare time) to teach myself about something I was eager to learn more about. These observational notes came across in the form of short, loosely poetic fragments and outlines of plays that I scheduled time to record on a daily basis, often at the end of my day and due to reasons I will not discuss here that creative writing journal came to a lengthy but temporary standstill. I found it was a good way to encourage writing  to happen as often as possible and each and every fragment could easily branch off into something else. I highly recommend it for anyone who is serious about writing and I regret not keeping it going over the last two years. There is also something similar: the notebook to write stuff down but that isn't quite the same concept but it is similar and is equally as beneficial.  They call the creative writing journal "the author's diary" but I don't think that is quite accurate since both types of journals exist.
For those of you that are curious about this subject and want to learn more about it I have chosen to end this blog entry with a link to a suite 101 article on the creative writing journal. It was a good resource and explains what it is and tips on what to include. On a slightly unrelated note I highly recommend that anyone who is interested in writing fiction this site provides insightful and helpful articles about all sorts of things that relate to well...writing fiction: (suite 101.com). 
The link, listed below this sentence is the suite 101 article on the creative writing journal:
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