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The Summerworks Experience

The Summerworks indie theatre and arts festival has been going since August 4th and I have been volunteering there since the second day of the festival and this is my third year helping out at the festival. I have had such a great time and most of what I've seen has been really good stuff. I just wanted to say that it is a great feeling to be part of a cause that you genuinely care about, as a volunteer or staff person and I don't just mean theatre festivals I mean just about anything. That's what this has been all about, helping out with a cause that I genuinely care a lot about (as you can probably see based on the blog entries that I wrote as a response to the Summerworks funding cuts). The other perk of helping out at these kinds of festivals is that you get to get a taste of the inside and meet a large variety of people of many different ages, occupations, and circumstances. There is an additional perk of being able to see more shows than those who don't help out at the festival but I pretty much didn't want to mention that because a part of me, when I get that advantage of free shows feels bad that I'm not supporting the festival in a larger capacity which is my goal every single year in which I go back to help out. I've met nothing but great people that I normally would be quite unlikely to meet.
The festival is running until the fourteenth and for those of you that are in Toronto during that time period I recommend checking it out. Tickets are 15 dollars and there are so many different types of shows in the festival that there is something for everyone.  I included a link to the website as well in case anyone is interested or wanted to know more about Summerworks. It is an indie arts and theatre festival so it includes both an indie music series and plenty of plays. For those of you who want to be there for the last chunk of the festival I will throw some recommendations out there but I don't really feel like going into detail about what they are about:  The Safe Word, Out At Sea, The Third Floor, and...one on my must see list before the festival ends: Little One By: Hannah Moscovitch, a contemporary Canadian playwright well-known for her play, East of Berlin. It also stars an extremely talented actress that was one of the stars of this year's Buddies In Bad Times production of Blasted, Michelle Monteith. It has got great reviews and looks incredible. For more info check out the website:
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