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Wanting something back

Two things that go on my list of things I've missed: 
1. My storytelling voice to rear it's imaginary head and just think up things again
2.  The beautiful moments where I've made time to do nothing but lock myself in my room and make things
Tonight I heard  great new music by two, good quality Canadian Singers: Leslie Feist and The Weather Station and these two singers let my mind clear and the moment created total perfection for writing things. Not a word crossed my mind but all these thoughts just kept dancing in my head. Everyone has there ways of making their mind go to places so that their thoughts can put a word on paper or concentrate on some sort of...task at hand. It is meditative in a way to get your mind in that place so that all you can hear is the sound of a pen dropping and yourself scribbling down thoughts that eventually form into something coherent; in other words: this is the thought that turns into something beautiful,shiny and new that you can hold in your hand and make it yours. At times like this I am reminded that I have no idea what I would do if I couldn't spend my time decoding those floating thoughts and turning them into something tangible and new that I can hold in my hand and call my own. It is good to find times for these important things that will never stop coming back.
I will end this post with a song by The Weather Station called "Came So Easy". For some reason it seemed appropriate to the subject matter of this post:
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