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mid- November talks of excitement

 The truth is I miss telling stories on a regular basis but,  I have to keep other things in mind so I have no right to complain. As soon as I get the opportunity to do so it's just going to be me, Microsoft Word (or a pen and paper) and the inner workings of my mind and I'll just let those words just go. I'm done believing in inspiration, etc. because it's nothing but a figment of my imagination. I always keep in mind the best words of advice that someone once said (whoever you are sorry I left you uncredited I just can't remember your name): "just sit your ass in a chair and write". Writer's block and "inspiration" are as imaginary as the tooth fairy so you just got to sit your ass in that chair and go for it: it's truly liberating. I'm still waiting to hear back about that open mic but, oh well these things take a while and I am still trying to make it to the one on my university campus at least once. My favorite writing times at the moment: subway rides (because my mind wanders like crazy and I get so curious about things I just want to watch the world go by from as many different directions as possible), super late nights, and early mornings; all these times are extremes and perfect conditions to just sit and write about anything. I try to make the time whenever I can.
I have two things that are worth talking about here at the moment: my show and The White Box Project. I've already talked about my show: the fun thing and great hang out place that I go off to and broadcast a radio show on Radio Glendon every Friday night starting well...last week. It's going great, way better than my show last year which had a lot of issues that were beyond my control and I've got plenty of positive feedback. With the changing weather there is one thing I have to keep in mind: the chilliness of the studio. I am going to broadcast layered like a bear about to go into hibernation (if bears decided to have their own radio show for bears one day and hang out in a comfortably small studio). Note to self: wacky children's story,tv show, or movie idea: see previous sentence.  It's nice in a way: it's just me, a small studio, and some tunes I genuinely like every Friday night and I can just chill and talk about  music I like and the random facts I pick up from it from all kinds of random sources.
Here's another subject of excitement this month: I have just been given the opportunity to help out with lighting and sound as part of The White Box Project team. Some of you may be familiar with my blog entry I wrote last year about White Box Project in which I spoke highly of them and compared them to the work of Julie Tepperman. Well...they are back at Theatre Glendon except this time it has been altered and polished and I am now a direct participant in it which I am honored and excited about. These guys are working on a performance gallery which I hear is altering the core focus this year and adding a guide so that people enter the space knowing what to do instead of uncertain of how to react to the interactive, literally moving and breathing human art gallery in front of them. This will be a great opportunity and I've missed being an active participant in a theatre community and I'm excited to work with a diverse and highly talented group of people. It starts from the end of November to the first week of December and it's going to be awesome.
 I will end with a fantastic quote by a man who rocked my world and changed my perception on things: Billy Childish because I always consider these words and I think we all should: "Remember each and every grain of rice has it's own soul and a destiny."

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