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Original Noise Radio and writing- related news

Here's a question that perfectly leads into the contents of this blog entry: what has happened in November that's well...interesting?
Okay so, I'll start with the most recent and go from there. Yesterday marked the first broadcast of Original Noise Radio. Despite the technical and other errors beyond my control I guess it worked out okay in the end but, before I go into details I think I'll answer the most obvious question: "what the heck is Original Noise Radio?" Well, It's my radio show on the campus radio station:
Radio glendon. It's broadcasts during the week online and has a large variety of people broadcasting about a large variety of things and mine focuses on, alternative music. Basically I have a mix every week that is about an hour long and I talk about the songs I'm broadcasting in a spontaneous and casual conversation-like manner. I don't prepare what I'm going to say ahead of time I just make my mix and comment on the songs with whatever commentary comes into my mind at that moment. I don't want to do themes or specific topics and I don't want to do talk radio because that isn't my style . That show is about sharing a mix I've prepared ahead of time and living in the moment. I chose to call myself on air: Rosemary "Rosie" R: it's a combination of my first name, my nickname, and the first initial of my last name. I usually have a lot of fun when I'm there: I usually either dance to the music or just quietly listen when a song is playing. Sometimes I even hum along so I usually have to be extra careful that the mic is off. It's every Friday from 7-8 pm so because it is in the evening it gives me a fun routine on a Friday evening and whenever I'm working on something it's a good medium for shameless self-promotion for instance, I'm going to be participating in my class's adaptation of Marat/Sade in February 28 to early March in some manner (I'm not sure how yet) and my campus theatre festival in April so it will most likely be a key medium of promotion for that.
While I'm on the subject of stuff I'm working on I might as well talk about my writing. It's slowed down quite a bit due to being busy with other things and I've lack new ideas at the moment but, I don't think the right word is "writer's block". Something I'm trying to do is get my stuff out there and find out about open mics in my community so that I can have a place to read my work again. I've tried sending my stuff out to literary magazines but have had absolutely no luck at all. An interesting thing I've learned about my work is that maybe it is better if it is read out loud and/or performed and, maybe that's got something to do with my theatrical influences and training. I've got sick of poetry again and want to write to go back to writing stories that come from one, central voice but, a lot of people who know me seem to think I write in a poetic manner.I've found a grand total of one open mic in my community and it looks promising. It's at a really great independent coffee shop called Tan Coffee that has had performances at it before. It's a great environment and  I have already gone there to tell them I'm interested in being a performer there. I would do a reading of one of my pieces but I'm not sure which one yet but, it would most likely be "Chinatown", a two year old poem that I wrote that, has been edited to death and performed at various places more than once. Open mics are an awesome way to get your work out there and the environment is always great at these types of events. I've had a couple years of experience with open mics where the audience was supportive and it gave me the opportunity to improve on my live readings of my work. Well...that's all for now, thanks for reading everybody!

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