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Log of current pursuits

This is my first entry of 2012 and I know it's a little late but, I'll say it anyways: happy new year everyone even though the first month of it is almost over: I knew the Mayans were wrong! It's been a busy couple of weeks so, I would of written earlier but, I've been super busy. I'll start things off with a general question: so...what's going on? In early January during the second week of the new year Move(me).ant started the first phase of the rehearsal process. Move(me).ant (pronounced movement) is a modern adaptation of Peter Weiss' Marat/Sade adapted by one of my fellow peers, Dan Pellteir that will be playing at Theatre Glendon from February 28 to early March. The question your probably left with is the following: what the heck is it? It's the story of the occupy movement meets the original story of Marat/Sade with a slight twist that I refuse to give away because I don't want to write any spoilers. The unique thing about it is that it's the first ever interactive show that Theatre Glendon has ever had and it uses Twitter and Facebook to allow interactions with the audience, cast, and crew during the show. We are also going to also have a live stream of the show that will allow those who cannot make it to Theatre Glendon for whatever reason to watch the show live, on their computer without even having to leave their homes so, being out of town or out of the country is no longer an excuse. It is a show put on by my Approaches to Theatre class, a hard working, dedicated, vibrant, and heavily talented group of people that have transformed this into an exciting project to be a part of. I have taken on an acting role: Charlotte Corday, an awkward and troubled figure that, actually existed in the time of the French Revolution, from the French town of Caen that "killed one to save thousands". The interesting thing about the plot twist is that it draws attention to her less as a martyr and more on her tortured, awkward,troubled existence and, makes her cause seem meaningless. I've ended up with a character that I can take in a really interesting direction filled with a lot of potential and interesting obstacles. I've just started the line memorization process and I can only practice in short time increments because I scare even myself with the great deal of intensity into every word which isn't necessarily a bad thing. The funny thing is every time I act I end up taking on characters like her because they seem to be my specialty and, Corday's character is a perfect example of what keeps me going in the arts. Check out our facebook and Twitter pages. Search for "occupyTG" and add us on facebook and twitter because that way you can be a part of this ambitious work in progress.  
Each time I participate in a theatre project I'm reminded that I don't want to just be that girl that sits alone in a room writing stories. I still love that idea and will always be a storyteller and a writer but, I seem to keep going back to creative processes that involve a great deal of creative collaboration so, I've decided I'll stick to both and that's why I keep also calling myself an emerging theatre artist. I'm quiet and introverted and when people first meet me they are shocked that I belong in a theatre community but, I need it and the stories I write so badly and it is a place where I'm free and at home. My goal  is to "give a voice to those that cannot be heard" and my studies will allow that to happen. Yesterday, I promoted OccupyTG on my radio show because it is a project I'm proud to be a part of and I want as many people to see it in its final stages as possible and, due to the positive responses I've got from people regarding my radio show I thought it might be a good place for promotion. I just added a new segment that I'm going to stick with. It's called "random facts".
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